September WOTM Final week

In the end Wren proved to be too formidable an opponent for Daneade, with Wren pulling well into the lead with a final Left Alert.  Well done Wren and well played Daneade.

The race for second place has been a strong one and although the second and third places haven't changed on weeks, it wasn't for others trying their hardest.  Also, it isn't all about the frequent subbers - those that post the occasional and well honed sub make this site what it is.  Some great posts this month, keep it up.  The ticker list is on the Chat room post, and a great list it is too.

Adrian Bamforth

Duke and Duchess of Cambridge threaten to launch new offensive monarch

Hundreds of Playboy bunnies released into the wild


Trump to bomb North Korea with hairspray


Alien building company admit ‘we only do pyramids’


Fugitive Mr Kipling brownie production line robot ‘still at large’


Donald Trump’s hair declared first mobile World Heritage

Len Goodman revivalists take to the streets

Prog Rock to be decriminalised!

Stringfellow storms Playboy Mansion and seizes power

‘Trump ripped-off my hairstyle’ claims Flock of Seagulls frontman

Who or What exactly is Jacob Rees-Mogg?


Don’t Sweat the Big Stuff’ – and its all big stuff. By David Davis MP

Lorry driver penalised after doing a double light flash to a regular car

Man at crowded bar waving £20 note ‘really helpful’ confirm staff


Elderly German ‘Queen’ faces deportation from UK

 Jeremy Corbyn in Late-Night Street Brawl

‘Ooh Jeremy Corbyn’ song set to be Xmas Number 1


Dick Everyman

Alan Titchmarsh chosen to build Mexican border wall prototype

Hampshire pheasants beaten from their habitats


Farmer Giles 



Midfield Diamond




Criminal Justice System ‘biased against criminals’

Dyson Car – the ‘new’ Sinclair C5

Particle physicists believe airline luggage provides evidence of Superposition

World to be saved by repainting all cars green




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